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Spring Cleaning 101: Cleaning Top to Bottom

Spring is now officially here and as we begin our spring cleaning checklist it's important to remember to always clean from top to bottom. As we clean dust falls from high up places and settles on everything below it. Nothing is more frustrating than watching a freshly cleaned surface get dirty again. Remembering to clean from top to bottom can save you the time and the hassle of cleaning surfaces twice. Check out these spring cleaning tips and helpful reminders for ways to kick off your spring cleaning the right way!

Step 1: Pre Clean

Make the most of your time by picking up clutter and organizing your home prior to cleaning. This way, you don’t have to work around cluttered areas throughout your home.

Step 2: Clean High (Anything above your head)

Begin by cleaning anything that is above your head, that way, as the dust settles it is landing on surfaces that have not already been cleaned. Vacuum and dust above your cabinets, clean your air vents, dust and wash your ceiling fans, and clean your light fixtures. For most people these places are out of sight and often hard to reach. For this reason they are less likely to be cleaned and can accumulate dust, dirt, and dead skin cells over time.

Step 3: Mid Level Cleaning (Eye Level)

This level of cleaning is often thought to be the most important, simply because it is the most noticeable. Wash your curtains, dust and wash your book cases, dust your pictures and the art on your walls, and wash your windows, including the window base and window seal.

Step 4: Mid to Low Level Cleaning (Waist Level)

Cleaning at the waist level happens most frequently as these places are used on a daily basis and it becomes very apparent when they are dirty. Dust all the remaining flat surfaces in your home (remember to start up high), clean, vacuum, and polish your furniture, change your linens, clean your stove and oven, clean your sink and counters, clean your mirrors, toilet, shower, and bathtub.

Step 5: Low Level Cleaning (Floor Level)

Lastly, finish off your cleaning check list with your floors. Wash your rugs, vacuum, sweep, and mop your floors, dust your baseboards, and sweep your porches.

Save yourself the time and hassle of having to clean the same surfaces twice by remembering to start cleaning up high and work your way down. Check back next Wednesday to learn how to reduce allergens in your home!

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