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Eliminating Digital Distractions

If you find yourself with a moment of downtime in your busy day do you immediately reach for your cell phone? Digital distractions are everywhere from billboards to cellphones, T.V. commercials, and computers. Over the years we’ve allowed our devices to completely dictate our days and become reactive to situations that arise instead of proactive.

Although there are many benefits to technology, sometimes it’s important to take a look at where your time is going throughout the day and learn about the ways in which you can eliminate digital distractions in your life.

If you truly want to make a difference in the overall distractions in your life, it’s best to set firm boundaries around digital distractions. Here are some tips on where to start:

Unfriend “friends” that aren’t really your friends.

Often times our social media accounts become cluttered with so much content that it can be difficult to weed out what’s important and what’s not. Spend some time unfollowing accounts that are no longer important to you.

Old Emails

We all have those emails that have been sitting in our inbox waiting for that perfect moment when we have “extra time”. Take the time to clear out the old emails that have been sitting there for far too long to make room for the stuff that really matters.

Turn off Phone Notifications

Phone notifications tend to take your attention away from what you are doing and bring your attention to your devices. Turn off phone notifications or silence your phone when you are trying to focus on something important.

Use a Timer

For those of you who really have a hard time stepping away from your phone, learn to set a timer and concentrate on one task at a time until the timer goes off. Often times it helps to set a timer for an hour, stay focused on a particular task, then get up and move around a bit. Not only will this allow you to focus harder on what you’re doing, but it gives your mind a break in-between tasks and can overall help you become more efficient.

Get Rid of Apps

Another way to cut back on digital distractions is to eliminate apps on your phone that tend to be distracting. For most of us, this includes social apps such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Limiting social media use to your laptop can help you cut back on the time you spend “browsing”.

The truth is, everyone gets distracted and mindlessly strays from the tasks at hand, but sometimes, we just can’t afford to fall down that rabbit hole. Learning how to eliminate digital distractions in your life can help you focus on what’s happening at the moment and make the most of your personal time!

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