Commercial Sanitation Services 

With the fear of Covid-19 running rampant, the sanitation response in your office building is more important now, than ever. We understand the importance of healthy workspaces, which is why we now offer commercial sanitation and decontamination services. Here when you need us 24/7.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the hiring process take?

Our hiring process can approximately take 2 weeks based on the extensive scope of the role. If a candidate isn’t shortlisted for a role, they are informed via email in a maximum of 2 weeks. While we do receive a high volume of applications daily, we do our best to provide all candidates with timely and consistent updates so that we don’t hold them back from finding a job that they love, with or without us!

I’ve been invited to a Zoom call with the talent acquisition team. How should I prepare?

Your Zoom call can take anywhere between 15-30 minutes, as our recruiters spend time getting to know you better. This can include questions such as relevant work experience, your reason for joining Kitopi and applying to the specific job vacancy, your knowledge about our company, and other personal and professional information for documentation purpose.

If I’m not hired for a position, can I apply again or will I be considered for other future positions?

We will always consider your application. If you suit a different role entirely, our recruiters will contact you to discuss your experience, the role, and the next steps. However, we recommend you submit a separate application for any new job postings.

What’s the work culture like at Kitopi?

We are working hard to build an inclusive, diverse and collaborative culture so that colleagues can bring their best selves to work each day. At Kitopi, we care for each other so you can expect support from different teams, helping you with your personal and professional growth. We strive for equality and encourage all our colleagues to use their voice to speak up, to ensure a safe environment, where everyone feels like they belong. We also thrive on feedback, so that we can listen and learn from each other.

We’re on a mission to satisfy the world’s appetite, and we know we can only achieve this together.



Our commercial pandemic sanitation phases are broken down into three phases and customizable to fit your facility's needs.

Phase 1



Phase 1 or preventative cleaning is requested when a facility would like to sanitize touch points and common areas to err on the side of caution.


Using an EPA approved sanitizer, all local touch points will be sanitized thoroughly by leaving the chemical to dwell on the surface for the recommended kill time in order for the  virus to become inactivated.

Phase 2

Possible Infection


Phase 2 sanitation is to be done when an employee or guest to the facility has shown signs of possible Covid-19 infection and the employer would like to take the proper precautions.


Using EPA approved chemical and wipes all local touch points are sanitized thoroughly allowing the chemical to dwell on the surface for the recommended kill time.

Phase 3

Decontamination of

Positive Covid-19 Test

Phase 3 decontaminations are done when someone in your facility test positive for Covid-19.


This process starts with our trained team sectioning off the building in order to remove the chance of cross-contamination. The facility owner or manager determines the areas that should be shut down and the people who should be removed for the decontamin-ation process.

Sanitation Phases

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