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Time can make all the difference! Help prevent mold and further destruction to your home or office by calling right away!


24 Hr Water Restoration

Time can make all the difference!

Help prevent mold and further destruction to your office by calling right away!


Water Restoration

After a flood of any sort, ensuring the structure is dry is crucial to preventing mold from forming. Our drying process is thorough and our IICRC certified technicians ensure the job is done right the first time!​

step 1:

Visual Inspection

We start by inspecting the damage and begin to formulate the best method to remove the water and restore the area.

Step 2:

Water Extraction

After the inspection is complete, our state of the art equipment is used to extract the water from the affected areas.

step 3:

Eliminate Moisture

Rapid drying fans and dehumidifiers speed up the evaporation process and ensure the affected area is dry and moisture free. 

Step 4:



We take pride in our customer service and follow up with the decontamination and drying process to ensure all moisture is eliminated, the area is safe for use, and there is no opportunity for mold to form. 

Structural Drying

When water floods your home, there is no time to spare! Our staff is IICRC certified in water extraction and professional structural drying. A burst in your water line can not only be damaging to your home or business, but very dangerous to your health if not sanitized properly. Leave the worry to the experts and rest easy knowing our state of the art equipment can clean and sanitize your home or business!

Black Mold.jpg


There are over 100,000 different types of mold in the world. Mold requires four main elements in order to grow: air, temperature, food, and water. Exposing your family to mold spores can be extremely dangerous to their overall health and at times can even become deadly. The longer an area goes without being treated, the more it continues to spread, putting you and your family in harm's way. We take several steps to ensure we stop the spread of mold in your home or business.


Visual Inspection

We start each process with a thorough inspection of the area to access the proper tools to use, check to see if mold is present and to gauge the contaminated surface area.



After the inspection, our technicians determine the source of the water and eliminate any leaks or stagnant water. Then, the area is put under negative pressure, which prevents mold spores from spreading.



Next, the source of the water is eliminated in order to prep for the demolition process.


Mold Inspection

Depending on the surface area of the mold, often times it is necessary to remove porous areas such as drywall, insulation, and any other household items that contain mold. We take the necessary precautions to ensure mold infested items are disposed of properly.


Cleaning & Testing

After the elimination of the mold, it's time to clean! We use a variety of different industry standard cleaning techniques to sanitize the area. 


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