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20 Ways to Use a Magic Eraser

From the kitchen to the bathroom, Magic Erasers are an excellent tool that can aid in cleaning many areas throughout your home. Continue reading to learn about all the ways to use a Magic Eraser!

  1. Crayon- Magic Erasers can easily remove crayon from walls and furniture.

  2. Scuff Marks- Say goodbye to scuff marks on walls, floors, door frames, and baseboards!

  3. Coffee and Tea Stains- Over time coffee and tea mugs, (especially lighter colored ones) can become stained. Simply wipe them down with a magic eraser and kiss the stains goodbye!

  4. Dry Erase Boards- Dry erase boards can become stained when marker has been left on them for too long. To remove the stains try rubbing it down with a magic eraser.

  5. Rust- Often times rust can be removed using a magic eraser. Remember to test a small area first.

  6. Hair Dye- For those of you who color your hair at home, magic erasers can be used to remove hair dye from unwanted places such as sinks or countertops.

  7. Microwaves- Microwaves are notorious for harboring splashes and messes from caked on food. Magic Erasers can be used to clean your microwave both inside and out.

  8. Mirrors- Dirty mirrors? Use a Magic Eraser to clean your mirrors and prevent them from fogging in the future.

  9. Computers- Computers are used on a daily basis and overtime can accumulate dirt and grime. Gently clean your computer using a magic eraser for a streak free shine.

  10. Stove Tops- Magic Erasers can be great to use on stove tops to removed any baked on food.

  11. Windows- Much like mirrors, Magic Erasers can be used to clean the windows in your home.

  12. Tupperware- Leftover food stains can be removed from Tupperware using a Magic Eraser.

  13. Algae- For those of you with a pool, Magic Erasers can be used to scrub off Algae from the pool liner.

  14. Microfiber Couch- Microfiber couches with stains can be cleaned using a Magic Eraser and gently rubbing the stain.

  15. Bugs- Pesky, caked on dead bugs can be removed from the exterior of a car using a Magic Eraser.

  16. Concrete- Small patches of concrete can be cleaned using a Magic Eraser.

  17. Permanent Marker- Permanent marker can be removed from a variety of surfaces such as walls using a Magic Eraser.

  18. Oven Hoods- Grease and grime can be removed from an oven hood using a magic eraser.

  19. Outside Furniture- Restore the luster to your outdoor furniture using a Magic Eraser.

  20. Soap Scum- Soap Scum can easily be removed from sinks and bathtubs using a Magic Eraser.

Have any tips on how you’ve used your Magic Eraser? Leave us a comment below!

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