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How to: Make Cleaning Less Stressful

After a long, tiring day, returning home to clean your house is less than appealing. Some days you may feel like a gerbil scrambling on its wheel, never able to fully gain traction and make progress on those extensive cleaning projects you keep putting off. Check out these ways in which you can make cleaning on a daily basis less stressful and work to maintain a healthy home!

Listen to Music

Music is a form of therapy and is actually proven to reduce stress and promote your overall emotional well-being. Listening to music or an audiobook is a great way to pass the time and enjoy the most mundane tasks. Music often serves as a distraction from the physical and mental stress associated with cleaning and can even make it fun!

Think of it as a Sprint, not a Marathon

No one wants to set aside hours of their day to complete housework, and often times it can be easy to look at everything that needs to be done and get overwhelmed. Skip the anxiety attack by approaching your home cleaning as if it were a sprint, not a marathon. Start by making a list of everything that needs to be done and then assign each task to a different day of the week. Cleaning on the go and spending 3o minutes of tidying up every day is much easier to manage and it helps you feel accomplished even on the busiest of weeks.


The more organized you keep your home, the easier it will be when it comes time to clean. Create good habits for yourself and remember to put things back where they go right after using them to avoid having to pick them up later.

Create a Schedule

Creating a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule can help you stay focused on the tasks that need to be completed and force you to make time to clean in your day-to-day. Finishing small tasks every day and keeping with a consistent schedule really can make a big difference over time.

Be Realistic

Nothing is worse than setting goals for yourself and feeling like you’re always coming up short. When creating new habits it’s always smart to create realistic goals that you can work towards. Setting small goals that are obtainable can help you work your way up to larger, more intensive goals.

Reward Yourself

Set goals for yourself throughout the week and reward yourself when you’ve completed them! This is an excellent way to stay self-motivated and can be something positive to look forward to once the job is done.

Do you have any suggestions on how to make cleaning less stressful? Share them in the comments below!

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