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Cleaning Do's and Don'ts: Cleaning Laminate

Laminate floors are a great way to give your home an updated look without breaking the bank. Learning how to take care of your laminate floors the right way can keep them looking nice for years to come.

What are Laminate floors?

Laminate floors are often confused with real engineered hardwood flooring, which is constructed from real wood plies that are laminated together. Laminate flooring consists of fiber core boards containing a photographic print layer and a coat of melamine risen to make it appear shiny. Laminate floors are differentiated by the types of installation, the materials it imitates, the texture, floor construction, patterns, and the abrasion class rating. Often times individuals choose their laminate flooring based on the materials that it imitates such as wood flooring, plastic, stone, or tile. Texture, such as smooth, hand scraped, and embossed is also important to consider when buying laminate for your home.

Some laminate floors are installed by applying a glue to the floor prior to placing the boards down, while others piece together by tongue and groove and don’t require glue. However, introducing too much moisture can jeopardize the look, feel, and resilience of your laminate floors. Since laminate floors are not made from real wood the material will absorb the water, and as the water sits on top of the laminate it can begin to warp the flooring, eventually causing breaks and cracks. Natural cleaners can be a great way to clean your laminate floors as it eliminates the risk of using a harsh chemical that can tear away the adhesive applied on the floor.


  • Do use mild soap detergent, or all natural cleaners on laminate floors.

  • Do use a damp mop to clean laminate and avoid using too much water.

  • Do use soft cotton or cloths to clean laminate floors.

  • Do wipe up spills immediately.

  • Do place mats under pet dishes and use furniture pads to avoid scratch marks.


  • Don’t use too much water, or let water sit for too long on your laminate floors.

  • Don’t use abrasive cleaning tools as it's easy to scratch laminate.

  • Don’t use any cleaner that promotes shine as it can cause a waxy build up that is difficult to remove.

  • Don’t use pine scented cleaners as they leave behind a soapy residue.

  • Don’t use Murphy’s oil as it leaves behind streaks.

Laminate floors are a cheaper alternative to hardwood floors and can help give your home a modern and updated feel. If taken care of the right way, laminate floors can last just as long as hardwood and won’t need to be resurfaced. Learning how to clean your laminate the right way can help you keep your floors looking beautiful for years to come!

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Chris Hartman
Chris Hartman
13 Ιουλ

Huge thank you to the team at Laminate Flooring Installation company for the outstanding job they did cleaning my laminate floors. Prompt, courteous service and my floors have never looked better.

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