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How Dirty Carpets Affect your Office

Carpet, especially that in high-trafficked areas can become worn, dingy, and discolored, leaving your office space looking less than ideal. Learning how to properly care for your office carpeting can help extend the life of the carpet and keep your office building looking nice for years to come.

Dirt & Residue

It's no secret that dirt, grime, sand, grease, and bacteria is tracked into our office buildings on the bottom of our shoes. Carpets are actually damaged more by what you cannot see rather than what you can. Vacuuming alone tends to only eliminate the top layer of dirt and grime. The leftover dirt on the carpet gets pushed deep within the fibers and ground in when people walk on it, over time damaging the carpet.

Greasy residue attracts and locks in dirt to your carpet fibers which lead to unsightly traffic patterns. These traffic patterns, many times are a sign of damaged carpet fibers that are usually unable to be removed without completely replacing the carpeting- a daunting and expensive task.

Your Health

Since carpeting is made of fibers it does a great job of acting as a filter, trapping air pollutants such as smoke, bacteria, chemicals, pollen, fungi, and other residues, which can affect your overall health. These trapped pollutants can be removed through regular carpet cleaning and can help to reduce unwanted odor.

So how do we prevent this from happening?

Regular carpet cleaning can help to eliminate the dirt and bacteria found deep within the carpet fibers that leads to traffic patterns, heath issues, and premature wear and tear of your office carpeting.

How often should you clean your office carpeting?

It's typically recommended that the carpeting in your office building is cleaned every 6 months, however, for high-trafficked areas you may want to consider doing it more frequently.

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