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How to Assess the Quality of Your Janitorial Service

It’s the burning question every person in facilities management has, “how do I know if my janitorial service is doing a quality job?” Your janitorial team is the key component when generating your building’s initial impressions. Cleanliness in your facility is the lasting impression that every guest, employee, or visitor will have of your company. So how can you tell if your facility is meeting the highest realistic standard of janitorial?

Let’s go on a quick walk-through together!

Walk-through is a term that Clean Team has coined and simply refers to a general assessment of the cleaning quality in a building. So here is a list of the ways that our expert customer service representatives evaluate our own work in 3 key areas of your facility:

1. Main Entry and Lobby

The main entry and lobby of your building is

the first place anyone steps foot. With that being said it carries a lot of traffic; which in turn means that there will be a larger mess to maintain. The key areas to focus on will be cobwebs along baseboards and in corners, dust on window ledges ,baseboards, tables etc., edge vacuuming alongside detail vacuuming of any carpet or hard floors (ensure that hard floors are being maintained with a mop or floor machine as well), and lastly any marks on door glass.

2. Restrooms

The following are the areas that are often overlooked in a cleaning inspection but are unconsciously noticeable to users of a restroom:

  1. Buildup on the base of toilets

  2. Buildup of marks and dust on partition walls

  3. FLOORS - make sure that floors are vacuumed and maintained with mop or floor machine - we recommend a personalized floor care routine utilizing a truck mounted system on top of your nightly routine to keep your grout clean.

  4. Any buildup around faucets, sink drains, and sinks in general.

  5. Drip marks on walls under paper towel dispensers or air drying stations.

  6. Buildup of dust or debris alongside baseboards

3. Break Room/ Kitchens

These areas are possibly the most utilized and messy areas in a facility. Maintaining the cleanliness of the following aspect can make or break the perception of cleanliness:

  1. Front of kitchen cabinets

  2. Baseboards

  3. Backsplash and wall behind kitchen sink

  4. Stains in the kitchen sink

  5. Any stainless steel products (microwave, kitchen, etc.)

  6. Walls next to and behind trash containers

If you notice that any of the above areas in your facility are lacking in cleanliness you may want to reachout out to your current janitorial provider and work together to improve on these key areas. Clean Team does provide consulting services to help your facility reach peak cleanliness.

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