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New Service Spotlight- Pandemic Cleaning

With the fear of Covid-19 running rampant, the sanitation response in your office building is more important now than ever. We understand the importance of healthy workspaces, which is why we now proudly offer commercial sanitation and decontamination services. Here when you need us 24/7.


Whether you need preventative cleaning, cleaning due to a possible infection, or complete decontamination due to a positive Covid-19 test we are here to help! Our commercial pandemic sanitation services are broken down into 3 phases and are 100% customizable to fit your facility's needs.

Phase 1: Preventative Sanitation

Phase 1 or preventative cleaning is requested when a facility would like to sanitize touchpoints and common areas to err on the side of caution.

Phase 2: Possible Infection Sanitation

Phase 2 sanitation is to be done when an employee or guest to the facility has shown signs of possible Covid-19 infection and the employer would like to take the proper precautions.

Phase 3: Decontamination of Positive Covid-19 Test

Phase 3 decontaminations are done when someone in your facility tests positive for Covid-19.

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