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Texas Restoration Efforts

Winter storm, Uri left Texas and the surrounding states in complete disrepair. The unexpected cold front brought freezing temperatures and snow to Texas where they were unprepared to sustain such weather.

Pipes began to freeze and burst in homes causing irreversible damage, power outages, and flooding.

With the desire to help in anyway that we could we sent a water restoration and demolition team to the outskirts of Dallas, Texas. Our crew worked tirelessly for a week to help homeowners rid their homes of water and gut the damaged areas.

"Thank y’all for everything!! Everything is bigger in Texas including the damage to our house." - Erin Garrett

The water erupting from broken pipes was classified as Category 3: Black Water. Black Water flooding comes from an unsanitary source that contains harmful bacteria and fungi which can make you sick. This type of water damage requires specialized equipment and certified technicians to ensure the area is properly sanitized and safe for use. Due to this category of water damage, many sentimental belongings were lost, however, our team was able to create a drying chamber to sanitize and restore some no porous items to return them to the homeowners.

Learn more about water damage categories here.

Weeks after the damage, Texas and the surrounding states can still use our support. Consider donating to one of the charities below.

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