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Spring Cleaning 101: Window Blinds

Most people would agree that cleaning your window blinds is a chore that we either put off until “next time” or forget about entirely. When left neglected, window blinds can become soiled with dust, pet hair, and even dead skin cells. Get a jump start on your spring cleaning checklist with these tips on how to clean and maintain your window blinds!

The Basics

There really is no “best way” to clean your blinds as the best tools and methods to use will depend on how soiled your blinds truly are. Regardless of the type of material your blinds are made of you will need a vacuum cleaner with attachment and a microfiber cloth. Most of the build up on your blinds is made up of dust, dander, pet hair, and dead skin cells. When dust gets wet it can lead to a bigger mess, so its always best to start cleaning your blinds by vacuuming them off first.

To clean wood and plastic blinds start by leaving the blinds in the open position and run a damp dusting cloth along the blinds starting from the top and working your way down. Next, close the blinds so that the concave side is facing you and, starting from the top, wipe the blinds all the way down. Then, turn the tilt wand until the blinds are close with the convex side towards you and wiping from top to bottom, clean this side of the blinds. Finish by using your vacuum to clean up any dust that may have fallen.

Photo by: Steve Johnson

General Tips:

  • Vacuum your blinds often following across the slats to keep them from collecting dust.

  • When dusting vertical blinds remember to only brush downward so that the slats don’t come off.

  • To spot clean your window blinds use an all purpose cleaner on a clean cloth. Remember to only spray all purpose cleaner on your cloth and not the blinds.

  • Often times fabric blinds can be dry cleaned.

  • Avoid over saturating your wood blinds with water and/or cleaner as it can damage your blinds over time.

  • Cleaning your windows and blinds often can help keep your home smelling fresh and looking clean.

Photo by: Michael Gaida

Cleaning Blinds with Vinegar:

Vinegar is a great, inexpensive, and all natural product that can be used for many different purposes throughout your home. Dusting with a water/vinegar mixture can help eliminate dust and dirt that are built up on your blinds, without the use of harmful chemicals.

What you need:

  • White distilled vinegar

  • Old cotton sock or microfiber cloth


  • Pour a cup of diluted vinegar into a bowl.

  • Put the sock on your hand and dip your fingers into the bowl of vinegar, squeezing out any extra liquid.

  • Run your fingers along both sides of the slats to remove built up dust and grime. Repeat on the remaining slats, stopping occasionally to rinse.

Over time, window blinds can accumulate dust, pet hair, and dead skin cells that can build up and cause your blinds to look dull and dingy. Get your home ready for spring with these helpful tips!

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